Thursday, 15 July 2010

'Twas The 2nd Day of Blogging.

Hello again, bloggers. Today I have one of my favourite youtubers out there who is pretty popular with just scraping 100,000 subscribers but chances are you haven't heard of him. I hope you enjoy looking through his videos like I sat through watching them one night. :P, he is probably the best prank caller out there.


My favourite call from him. <3

Sorry for the short post, but I don't have time to post today. :/

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

First 20 YouTube videos!

Hey, this is my first post as a Blogger, every day I'm going to post a cool YouTube video(s) where the odds are, you haven't seen them before. Hope you enjoy this Blog and today's video.

In order:

1)Me at the zoo by jawed

2)My Snowboarding Skillz by mw

3) Flambe Disaster by tunafat

4) Bootie Christ Dance by BootieChrist

5)German Dominating by BootieChrist

6) Boat Ride Tahoe @ 60mph by BootieChrist

7) Badass Snowboarding by ilias

8) tribute by gp

9) Premature Baldness by paul

10) Wait, you forgot to close the taxi door by hitofushi

11) carrie rides a truck by jones4carrie

12) carrie chokes the chicken by jones4carrie

13) Tiger Remixed hurlex

14) cybergoon squad by greg

15) Vernal Lullaby by bullemhead

16) mercado del albert kuyp by pepa

17) Pandas at the San Diego Zoo by tunafat

18) Le clandestin by hchicha

19) Sleep Like Lumber? by zubazpants

20) tow chinese boys:i want it that way by cow